All cattle must have a CCIA Tag and we encourage producers to have cattle Age Verified.

If animals are not tagged prior to unloading, please notify us and we can make arrangements to have animals tagged.

Small Animal Sales

Reminder to all producers who are bringing in small livestock in boxes:

Please make sure they have adequate space and ventilation in the boxes, or they will be rejected.
If you do not ventilate your box, we will charge $1 per box to ventilate.

If you bring an animal in a cage, the animal will be sold with the cage.
If you want to keep your cage,
please bring the animal into the sale ring in a box.

For animals that do not come in an adequate box, or if you wish to keep your cage,
you will be charged a $5 re-boxing fee per box.

All our Small Animal Sales will be held on Saturdays (approx 1 per month).  Follow our Sale Schedule for details.


Sheep, Goat, & Calf Sales

These sales will be held on Mondays (the second and last Monday of each month)  Follow our Sale Schedule for details.