Dear Fellow Cattlemen,

Starting August 1st, cattle for the show-list must be pre-booked no later than the Thursday prior to the Tuesday Sale.  With current market conditions and higher expected volumes of cattle moving this fall, we want to be a part of your marketing decisions. As cattle values rise, quality and conditions will make a big difference on the dollar you put in your pocket.

Contact one of the following people to book your cattle:

Brad Kehler 204-346-2440

Barry Wiens 204-392-3752

Doug Chornoboy 204-905-2771

Michelle Roberts 204-380-9960


December 5, 2023

65904984HolHeifers146.00View Photo
54560912HolHeifers164.00View Photo
75952850HolHeifers160.00View Photo
52076415HolHeifers135.00View Photo
51717343HolHeifers120.00View Photo
42246562HolSteers158.00View Photo
62630438HolSteers159.00View Photo
41565391HolSteers145.00View Photo
31775592RedSteers335.00View Photo
126654555Red&TanSteers344.00View Photo
126664555Red&TanHeifers270.00View Photo
63201534Tan&RedHeifers280.00View Photo
63658610Red&BlkSteers310.00View Photo
84320540Red&BlkSteers337.50View Photo
94656517Blk&RedSteers342.50View Photo
83706463Red&BlkSteers361.00View Photo
117786708Red&BlkSteers300.00View Photo
63869645Red&BlkSteers310.00View Photo
62966494Blk&RedSteers267.00View Photo
74733676Red Heifers266.00View Photo
127075590Red&BlkHeifers273.00View Photo
63043507Blk&RedHeifers340.00View Photo
53043609RedSteers310.00View Photo
189571532Red&BlkSteers340.00View Photo
114925448Red Steers360.00View Photo
52323465Blk&RedHeifers260.00View Photo

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