Dear Fellow Cattlemen,

Please note: Cattle for the show-list must be pre-booked no later than the Thursday prior to the Tuesday Sale.  With current market conditions, we want to be a part of your marketing decisions. Quality and conditions will make a big difference on the dollar you put in your pocket.

Contact one of the following people to book your cattle:

Brad Kehler 204-346-2440

Barry Wiens 204-392-3752

Doug Chornoboy 204-905-2771

Michelle Roberts 204-380-9960

Ed Pylypjuk 204-392-8442


May 7, 2024

73492499HolSteers337.50View Photo
42477619TanSteers403.00View Photo
31891630Red&TanHeifers329.00View Photo
84282535Red&BlkHeifers347.00View Photo
42018504Dairy XSteers347.50View Photo
41911478HolSteers260.00View Photo
72997428HolSteers410.00View Photo
41591398HolSteers320.00View Photo
41474369HolSteers415.00View Photo
82900363HolSteers315.00View Photo
72522360HolSteers435.00View Photo
42083521RedHeifers370.00View Photo
41766442Dairy XSteers375.00View Photo
418054513R&1BHeifers285.00View Photo
62035339R/B/THeifers330.00View Photo
71833262HolSteers320.00View Photo
53034607RedSteers398.00View Photo
42688672RedHeifers281.00View Photo
137910608Red&1BlkHeifers358.00View Photo
63187531Red&BlkHeifers369.00View Photo
1311398877BlkSteers305.00View Photo
97401822BlkSteers318.00View Photo
32697899RedSteers275.00View Photo
119690881RedSteers305.50View Photo
107925792RedSteers313.00View Photo
53841768Tan&1GrSteers315.00View Photo

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